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April 19, 2021



With its magic charm and appeal, Ladakh still captivated travelers. This beautiful valley is familiar to all, be it the picturesque mountain tops, azure lakes or the difficult hiking trails.

While the region adorns the most vivid natural colors in the summers, in winter it is welcomed with massive snow falls that serve the rest of the planet from the entire region.

Discover this peaceful place through our Ladakh tours and make an unforgettable experience for your loved ones that you will cherish throughout your life.

Located deep inside snow-capped mountain passages, this frozen river still appeals to thousands of trekking tourists from all over the world.

The famous ‘Chadar Trek‘ is considered one of the most difficult as well as the tricky treks in the World by creating a thick blanket of snow.

Somewhere fractures will exist on the ice and the only way to keep walking is to walk over icy rocks and blocks along the water while this takes place.




Ladakh is home to many natural wonders, but Chadar Trek is the most precious gift offered to this magic land. This walking tour of intense adventures is characterized by the ultimate thrill of the freezing waters of the Zanskar river in very low temperatures. In addition to Ladakh’s elegance and the unique feel of its journey, the Chadar Trek has such a charm that no other adventure can afford.


The frozen Zanskar River Trek is actually the only and most stable way to remain linked with the rest of the world for the people here in extreme winter, linking the villages of Zanskar Valley and the city of Chilling of Ladakh.


The frozen river is surrounded on all sides by massive walls and cliffs, making a human feel like walking in the center of high castle walls. Frozen waterfalls and green rivers, the cool temperatures and the friendly faces of the local Ladakhi who go by their usual everyday routes are the factors that make Chadar Lake a lovely paradise to visit, and indeed, all of Ladakh. Located among the Himalayas and Karakoram of the two great mountain ranges around the world, the land of Ladakh has many mountains like Zanskar. And Ladakh is always shocked to keep you interesting, with all these beautiful mountains.




Chadar Trek in Ladakh takes on a trekking aspect and puts on a thick ice sheet his own element of intense adventure. The Zanskar river freezes in Ladakh in the winter months, creates a sort of ice layer, which is why it is called ‘Chadar.’ After arriving in Leh, you can go shopping on the market at Leh before the fitness officials will prepare for the very difficult trek in the Himalayas. Chadar’s trekking journey is built in such a way that you will be trekking nearly 65 km north.


You will be transferred from Leh to Shingra Yokma via chilling and Tilad to walk the ice sheet for your first time. You can still be acclimatized with the temperature below zero here, and you can find out where you can better plant your foot on the ground. Due to its extreme temperatures, the frozen Zanskar river trektop has taken shape, and it is important to take plenty of time and care. The next day is your final day for physical escapes from the wild card.


Following this the trek will take you to many points as you walk along the Chadar Frozen river trail, taking you to Tibb Cave and the Naerak, to the village of Tibb and its mighty frozen waterfalls. When you walk around, you will reach the Tibb Cave, Gyalpo and Shingra Yokma, and return to Leh, putting the journey to an end on the following day.




  1. Make your mind ready first: it’s a rough ride for many limbs. From the temperature and physical demands. Train your mind to expect the sub zero level and accept it. Keep in mind that there’s a life here too; Chadar has been the only way to get to Leh in winter for decades. Your strength of mind will demonstrate the resilience to the cold ascent to your body.


  1. Keep a woolen hat and gloves: practically during the night, you have to sleep well to keep the next day’s trek cold. Keep your sleeper cozy throughout the night with an isolating bottle of water. To keep it warm enough, use the sidetrap inside your pockets.


  1. Observe and move: locals will show you how to cross the lake at your feet firsthand. You will find, after careful inspection, that they go quickly and take Penguin like measures on the surface. When you watch them, you learn how to maneuver on the ice blanket and learn when you are smarter to hesitate than to proceed or to do the contrary.


  1. Keep your electronics warm, because of an incredibly cold atmosphere, electronics will destroy. Keep them warm by holding them in your pockets closer to your body that makes them warm and sturdy.


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