5 Best Treks In Maharashtra

April 19, 2021



Maharashtra is India’s third most populated state, with a population of over a hundred million, and is a historically rich State with lively civilizations, ancient temples, rare flora and fauna, all of them lying on the plains and plateaus along the Arabian Sea Coastline. Maharashtra is also known for its Elephanta cave and Indian Gateway, the headquarters of Bollywood Film Industry’s active city of Mumbai. Maharashtra provides spectacular scenery in the heart of its hills, green flora and various unexplored places, among other highly esteemed practices. The friendly water makes it an excellent destination to hiking enthusiasts all over the world with various hill stations and rugged terrains.


Located at an altitude of 923 meters above sea level 20 km from Lonavala, Korigad Fort in Pune district offers a magnificent view of the surrounding city. The site still houses remains of earlier structures and mosques, consisting of two caves and many lakes. Great for beginners, the journey takes about an hour to get to the top of the fort in the simple category. There are six cannons in the fort which is the biggest in the city, near the temple of Koradi Devi.


The fort or the Iron Fort is one of Maharashtra’s most famous historic sites, 114 kilometers from Mumbai. At 1050 m above sea level the fort is an obstacle from the Indrayani basin to the Pawna basin. Lohagad Fort is one of the most popular trekking places in the State and is shrouded by thick nebula during the monsoon months. Here the trekking standard of not more than half a day is easy with the whole trekking day. The captivating fort is built in the style of a scorpion’s tail and has four entrances, now intact with complex sculptures. The place is renowned for its lush greenery and the monsoon is best known.


Tikona or Vitandgad mountain range is 3633 feet above sea level and is situated 21km from Lohagad Fort and 135km from Mumbai. Based on his name, “Trikon” or Triangle, this fortified fort is small and in triangular form. It includes undisclosed historical features with many tanks and reservoirs, and is located near to the Pawna Dam. It contains many Buddhist and Satavahanas cellars, as well as the famous Trimbakeshwar Mahadéva temple.


The Ratangad fort (or gem) lives up to his name, one of Maharashtra’s most stunning forts. Be recognised as Maratha Warrior Shivaji’s revered fort, it is over 400 years old and stands at a height of 4,250 metres. It is one of the most famous places in the province, with its rich heritage. This spot is a great place to hike, 23 kilometers from Bhandara and 197 kilometers from Mumbai. This hike takes you across rocky fields, sparkling lakes, and thick forests, beginning at the Village Ratanwadi. This thrilling yet precarious journey is not intended for beginners with a duration of about 4 hours during the whole climb. Maharashtra provides thrilling places to explorers in the country of hills, sea and forests. This list offers the best trekking experiences in the world.


Valley of Sandhan is one of the most important aspects of India. The deep canyon is one of the most challenging trekking routes in the heart of the Sahyadri. This valley is also called the shadow valley since the sun cannot reach the valley. The Sandhan Valley is located near Bhandardara in Igatpuri. On the trek to the Sandhan valley, you’ll find it’s not just a hike, it’s a bunch of recalls, climbing cliffs, treats and camping under the starry sky. Sandhan Valley has three forts: Alang, Madan and Kulang. The three bastions are the AMK together.


In order to reach the Valley, you need to get first to the village of Samrad. It’s best to book an auto to hit the city. Mumbai is about 200 kilometers from the valley and is reachable within approximately 5 hours. From Mumbai and Pune you can also take the Igatpuri Ghoti state bus to Bhandardara with more buses that take you to the town of Samrad. You will camp overnight in Gorge, and that is a great experience. There are neither hotels or lodges in the area but several cozy guest houses provide a night’s sleep.

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