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7 Best Related Post Plugins for WordPress

April 19, 2021

If visitors of your website are leaving your website after reading the first post, you may have to face lots of problems to increase pageviews and to reduce bounce rate. This thing happens because you fail to engage the readers. If you want to increase the engagement rate of the readers, you should show relevant posts to them. It is the best way to get more page views for your website. Your visitors may discover the best quality content that they can’t discover otherwise. Most webmasters are using this technique to increase the pageviews of their websites. To increase the pageviews of your website, you can use the post related plugin. Here, we will discuss the seven best-related post plugins for WordPress.

YARP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin):

YARP is the most popular free related post plugin for WordPress websites. In the past, this plugin has created some performance issues for the websites. Now, they have included a new cache system. Due to this new cache system, it is offering the better-optimization. It is supporting all types of content. It means that you can easily use it to optimize the blog posts and pages etc. To control the related posts, you can also customize its algorithm. By using its customization option, you can also control the look of the related posts. For this reason, it is offering various thumbnails and list views to the webmasters. This plugin has a template system. You can use this system to get more control. Anyhow, if you want to use it, you should have additional knowledge about it.

Contextual Related Posts:

It is also the one from free related post plugins for WordPress websites. To provide the best view to the users, it is offering lots of features to the users. The users can also use its lots of customization options. It is providing support for the custom type posts. By using this support, you can easily select the best content to show in the related posts. If you don’t like to show a specific type of content, you can easily exclude it from the list. You can also control the number of related posts. The webmasters can also control the order of these related posts. While showing these posts, it will show images as thumbnails. You can select the best images in the thumbnails.

Related Posts by Taxonomy:

In WordPress, you can use taxonomies to sort the content in the same way like related post plugins do. Most of the WordPress blogs are using these taxonomies to sort the tags categories. By using these taxonomies, you can use this plugin to show the related posts. It means that you can select to show posts based on the tags or categories. When you will fill the tags or categories, it will show the same posts in the related posts. It is an easy to use plugin and it is offering limited control over the display. You can also use it to display other related posts to the content. The webmasters can show related posts with or without thumbnails. You can also show these related posts in the sidebar widget.

Inline Related Posts:

This WordPress plugin is different from other plugins. By using this plugin, you can show related posts inside the articles rather than below or in the sidebar. If you are running news or a blog site, it is the best plugin for you. You can display related posts inside the articles based on the engagement level of the audience. When they are engaged in the content of your website, they will try to click on these posts. It has a very easy setup for the users. By using this easy setup of the plugin, you can easily display related posts inside the articles. Anyhow, if you want to display posts at the end of the articles, you will have to install another plugin.

Related Posts Thumbnail Plugin:

It is one of the highly-rated related post plugins in the WordPress directory. By using this plugin, you can easily show related posts inside the articles or in the sidebar of your website. While displaying the related posts, you can show images or videos to the viewers. When they will view the images or videos, they will try to click on your posts. This plugin has the best algorithm. By using this algorithm, it can easily show the related posts to the users. To display the related posts, it is offering more control to the users. It is easy to use the plugin because you can easily list posts without coding. Anyhow, it is providing limited features to the users.

Intelly Related Posts:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Intelly is the best among pretty cool related post plugins for your WordPress website. To show the related posts of the visitors, it is using an effective matching system. This matching system can pull related content fantastically on your website. Its default template is attractive for the users. Therefore, you don’t need to make enough changes while showing the related posts. To use this plugin to show the related posts, you will have to follow some simple steps. First of all, you will have to generate the related links for all the posts. Secondly, you will have to embed these links. Thirdly, you will have to pull the related posts featured images. You should pull these images with proper thumbnails.

Similar Posts:

It is the one from newer and heavy-duty related post plugins to show the related posts. As it is a newer plugin, the creators are uploading frequent updates to it. After installing it, you should try to update it frequently. It is providing more control over links on your website. After getting more control over links on your website, you can easily pull these links. It can work in three ways on your website. First, it can work based on the content or headline within the content. Secondly, it can also work based on the categories. At last, it can also work based on the tags. You will have to choose the best one based on the content and style of your website. To run it smoothly, you require pretty much work.

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