10 SEO Myths You Should Not Follow

10 SEO Myths You Should Not Follow

April 19, 2021

We all know how valuable is search engine optimization. However, there are few myths you can find on the internet while researching for SEO. It’s clear that not every website owner is an SEO expert. In fact, you will find the best digital marketing company in India is not totally aware of SEO myths. 

In this article, we are covering ten common myths you will find on the internet. Make sure you are reading them carefully, so you can improve your website’s SEO. 

#1 SEO is a one-time thing

This is a common myth among beginners that they can rank their website by doing SEO once. In reality, if you understand the basics of search engine optimization, you will find so many things. For example, if you have done on-page SEO for only ten articles out of a hundred, it can’t help the website with ranking. 

On the other side, off-page SEO also plays a key role. You need to work on off-page SEO activities such as link building and social media sharing on a regular basis. 

#2 All you need is good content

We know content is the king. However, only a good piece of content can’t drive organic traffic o your website. Each post needs proper on-page SEO. If you are hiring a digital marketing company to manage your website, then make sure they are including this on their digital marketing pricing packages. However, make sure you are not posting low-quality content.

#3 Only social media can help with ranking

Using social media is very good for a website. Social media sharing is an effective off-page SEO method that can bring traffic to your website. However, when you are only using social media for promoting your website, it can’t help in the long term. In that case, you have implemented all kinds of SEO to get organic traffic.

#4 Duplicate content will get you penalized

Well, this is a common myth but it does not mean you are going to copy and paste all the content from your competitor’s website. There is no duplicate content penalty as Google doesn’t have any duplicate content filter. You can get some information from a competitor’s website and it’s not going to hurt SEO. However, you can also give them credits.

#5 Meta description is useless

Most beginners even don’t know what is the meta description. Well, if you are one of them, the meta description is something that defines the purpose of your website. There are two types of Meta descriptions, one for your website and one for the article. Both are equally important. 

You can ask your developer to add your website’s meta description. On the other hand, you can add meta description for each post by using SEO tools like Yoast and Rank Math.

#6 Website’s speed does not matter

Nobody likes a slow loading website, and it can be badly effective for that website. The website’s ranking also depends on that website’s speed. Make sure you are improving the speed of your website to avoid issues. The website’s speed also depends on the hosting company, so choose the service carefully.

#7 Link building is irreverent 

You will find some people who believe that link building is dead. However, link building is still one of the best SEO strategies that the best digital marketing company in India implement. Although the quality of backlinks matters, so build some quality backlinks over quantity. 

#8 You don’t need a sitemap

The sitemap has become one of the most important SEO things in recent days. When Google’s crawler can’t find the particular place in your website, a sitemap helps it to find that particular page. The sitemap also ensures that your website is mobile device friendly. 

#9 Keyword density matters

There is a common myth that many people follow that an article with good keyword density can rank higher. However, it’s not true. You cannot rank an article if you are using a long-tail keyword that has a low search volume. That’s why keyword research is important and we are explaining it on the next topic. You can get help using SEO and Keyword research tools.

#10 Keyword research is not important

As we mentioned before, keyword research is very important. In fact, the best digital marketing company in India follows this method. There are many people, especially beginners don’t spend time on keyword researching. Make sure you are using doing keyword research on a regular basis to get long-term success. 


Myths are obstacles to growth, especially when it’s about something important like SEO. We have explained the common myths you will find while doing SEO. However, SEO is the life of your website. You can contact some companies that provide good SEO with digital marketing pricing packages, so they can help your website with growth.

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